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Patterns of effective teams

A great talk from agile expert, Dan North at this years GOTO Chicago conference.

My favourite part (just after 30 mins) was in the “Seize the Day” pattern when he was talking about the Daily Standup:

I think we’ve largely missed the point of standups … we don’t do status of people … what we’re looking at is what work is moving.

Ken Schwaber’s 3 questions are being misunderstood; everyone uses

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What did are doing today?
  • Are you blocked?

but it should be:

  • What work items moved yesterday?
  • What work items should I expect to see moving today?
  • What work items are blocked?

People are never blocked … work gets blocked.

You don’t measure workers, you measure the work items.

Need to remember to focus on this in future.

Josh Calabrese