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How I get my news

In an attempt to remain vaguely informed in news, business and technology, I have various subscriptions and news feeds set up.

These are mainly a combination of mailing lists and feeds going into pocket. This still requires the odd bit of housekeeping and pruning to prevent a backlog of ‘to reads’, but seems to be working well overall.

I’ve listed my main ones below - was going to try to categorise them, but too much overlap to be useful. These are complemented by the ad-hoc stuff which gets send to pocket for future reading.


The Quartz ‘Daily Brief’ is a perfect snippet of news and random trivia which is sent out six days a week. I really enjoy the combination of high-quality articles from the Quartz site as well as curated news from other sources.

The Memo

I only recently signed up to The Memo, but it’s another good site. Based in London-based and covering business, technology and innovation, the articles are fairly short so its very easy to skim for awareness.

The Finanser

The Finanser is Chris Skinner’s Blog which is concerned with Fintech and the future of banking. Daily updates contain the latest from the site as well as ‘things worth reading’.


Surely needing no introduction, Medium is the self-publishing giant which is a beautiful platform to read (and write on). The recent introduction of their subscription model seems very confused and signal to noise ratio isn’t as good as it was, but it’s still a goldmine of useful content.

Software Lead Weekly

Does exactly what it says on the tin; SWLW is a very well curated set of articles focussed on technical leadership, people and culture. Often some longer articles linked, so I generally send everything to pocket and read it later when I’ve got a bit more time as there is always good information.

Age of Product

Similar to SMLW, but focussed on scrum, agile and lean. I don’t find it quite as useful as the former, but there are always a few things worth reading.


Trying to categorise the content on Jason Kottke’s site is almost impossible, but along with Boing Boing, it’s one of the best online resources for random culture, memes and other web goodness.

I’m sure there I’ve forgotten some, but will update if there are any glaring omissions.

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