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Hot Fuzz

The first film done; Hot Fuzz which was number 71 on the list.

Not sure how successful this cycling and film watching malarky is going to be as when things are slow the time absolutely crawls by.

This took me 4 sessions to get through which is slightly embarrasing, however in my defence I’ve been recovering from a cold and managed to get a puncture(!).

Still one down; ninety-nine to go.

Quickfire Film Review

I have seen Hot Fuzz before, but couldn’t remember much about it. Since I’m not the biggest fan of Simon Pegg, can’t say I was looking forward to sitting through, but overall it’s decent.

Feels too long at just over 2 hours (though not sure if that was intentional given the homage to various action films). The first half is a bit sluggish, but once it gets going it’s good fun and some clever nods to the action genre.

Rating: 7/10

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