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A New Chapter

On the 1st November, I’ll be unemployed for the first time in my working life.

This isn’t a situation I plan to be in for too long however and having worked at Logica for eleven years and now HSBC for six, it’s now time to find the next chapter in my career.

I’ve been doing software delivery, systems architecture, design and governance for a while now and would like do something similar again. I also think I’m pretty decent at it, though always look forward to learning more.

Working collaboratively, understanding new technologies / approaches and consultancy (external or internal) are all things I enjoy. I’ve also no fixed ideas on titles or sectors, though being in Edinburgh with my background does give a reasonably strong Financial Services leaning.

I’m already having conversations with various contacts and recruiters, however to anyone reading this; if you’re able to assist in any way with contacts, advice or recommendations then I’d welcome the input so please get in touch.



A big hat tip must go to my former colleague Aden Davies, who wrote a similar post a couple of years ago which I have shamelessly lifted.

Joshua Ness